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Breaking Bad Season 4


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Walt is pissed at gus because he thinks gus is going to kill him the first chance he gets so its kill or be killed. In my mind, the final scene with Jesse explained the partying thing. After killing Gale he doesn't wan't to be alone with his own thoughts.

this! well thought

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wow great episode tonight

Agreed, easily the best this season so far.

Edit: damn, the new forum doesn't have a spoiler button.


There was a sign of reconciliation with Walt and Skyler when they are reading the scripts with each other, feels like they might get back together soon.

The ending was so damn good.  I think only a few things happen:

-Jesse ends up killing Mike.

-Mike and Jesse team up, maybe against a common enemy like the gangsters who shot up the truck at the beginning.

Judging from the screen shots that were released before, Jesse is alive and kickin'.

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Yeah I don't see Jesse dying yet. I'd say Mike dying is a little more likely. I don't wanna see him die either though haha. I really hope they do team up against the cartel. That would be real badass stuff.

All the stuff with Walt and Hank was great too. real intense stuff.

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Another amazing episode! 

You could see Walt connect the dots when he was told that he was moving in on Tuesday, he just stood there and realized the position this puts him in (on the rocks with Gus with the whole Jesse situation, and if they tracked Walt then they could find his family and use them as collateral).

It was pretty cool that they tested Jesse to see if he could play a more gangster role, should make for some intense scenes coming up!

Anyone else feel the cinematography was incredible for this episode?  All the neat angles they choose to film from, so many of them stood out and made the scenes play out much more dramatic.  Like when Walt is wasted at the dinner table and tells Hank that Gail wasn't a genius, the camera is fixed right on Walt's face the entire time and has a much stronger impact IMO.

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