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it leaked (NO LINKS OR PM'S)


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quality sounds magic to me thru my 5.1 did u get 101.8 meg dl? people may be dropping it to lower for faster dl's

yeah i got the same one!

i dunno, the high frequencies dont come through that well! if i compare the old version of "after midnight" to the actual one, i kinda get more clarity out of the older one! don't know if i'm imagining it, but i'm pretty sure :D


well it doesnt even matter! the album kicks ASS so far!!

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well i know you guys are just kidding, but chances are it has really leaked 2 hrs ago.

not gonna post a link but look for blink-182 neighborhoods "7L" (7l must be the group or something) on google. it's only available on torrent so far and I can't load torrent from where I am right now. but the release info sounds like a legit scene release. mp3 lame v0 quality and the tracklist is correct. size is 98,6 mb. so unless it's a fake it could really be the real shit.

could someone please load this to check if it's legit?

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