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New AVA Drummer


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hes probably like...


That's probably allot like box car racer.

Isn't he in for a surprise.

Lol, I don't really think hes that stupid as to not check what he was getting himself into...but yeah... I think that would be pretty hysterical.

He knows.

Its a paycheck. That's the only reasons anyone would be willing to be Tom's bitch.

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Don't think I've ever heard the guy's drumming, is he any good?

He won world's best undiscovered drummer in the under 18 category when he was 11 (that was in modern drummer mag contest). He was in NIN touring and Lostprophets. And yeah he was taught by Travis for a bit.

Also I think this could be really good for AVA. If Tom lets this guy use his full abilities and style (assuming they actually record another album) then it will definitely change it up a lot

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I am so glad he joined the band because he might push the sound of AvA to something amazing. I am so excited because this guy looks like he has a good history =D

I kind of want a new AvA album or EP to see what he brings to the table.

He won't push the sound or have ANY influence....TOM writes EVERYTHING.

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Well with NIN, no member is a permanent member, other than Trent. Each album and tour has different musicians, though a few of them do stick around (or come back) for more than one album or tour. Not sure what happened with Lostprophets, stopped following them that closely.

Either way, he's not doing too bad for himself. :)

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