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i love how the hipster in you is now creaming all over +44 now that blink is back. it's pretty interesting.

i've always liked +44. aria and i were talking about the album last night and how we much we liked it then he started posting things on the board regarding the band. you complained about it being in your section so i made this thread to house all the +44 related posts.

and your comment is pretty hilarious considering you're the one who started a thread on that shit band Foster The People.

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So glad I had the chance to see them live. I was still in high school, and they were playing in Brussels, some friends and me took the train after school too Brussels to see them, we didn't have a train back to home (100 miles further away). 


One of my friends sister had an appartment in Leuven (city next to Brussels), she studied in the university there, and we were allowed to sleep that night in her appartment. After the concert we went to Leuven, only to find out we had to sleep on the floor  


I really couldn't sleep so I stole a bottle of wodka in the public kitchen, we drank some, was easier to fall asleep.


In the morning at 7am we took the train back to home, arrived at the train station, was very lucky to meet a friend who was going to school, so I could ride with him along on his bike (my other friends who went with me to Plus 44 couldn't, they were way late for school haha) to school.


I was on time in school, I had very few hours of sleep but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


It was a shame Travis wasn't there, he had broken something, so that Gill guy took his place. Didn't mattter, really enjoyed to see the Mark play live.


2 years later I saw AVA, even though I didn't like them, I still wanted to see Tom, because, well, he is still one of my childhood heroes.


Last year I saw Blink play, so now I've officially seen all 3 of them play live.


Was something I never expected after that horrible afternoon somewhere in February 2005 when I thought the chance of seeing Blink had become very low.

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