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HOLY FUCKING SHIT have you guys seen this!?

"This is an excerpt from a video for the rock band Blink 182 that I directed with my collaborator Brendan Lambe.

We shot the band in a large underwater tank, in which we built the set. Then we flooded the tank.

This clip will be replaced by the full video once that master tape has been digitised."

though it was posted 8 months ago i dont think the full version will be uploaded..


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It's funny how this topic kind of seperates the newer Blink fans from the older ones.

A fan for the past 10 or so years will be like "Oh yeah the Josie video with the water" and newer ones will be like "what?".

There was a petition at one point to get this video out. I think Mark said a lot of their equipment got destroyed and everyone was really cold.

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