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Neighborhoods: ULTIMATE BATTLE #4

Least Favorite:   

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  1. 1. Least Favorite:

    • Ghost On The Dance Floor
    • After Midnight
    • Wishing Well
    • Even If She Falls

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#5: Natives (29.3%)

#6: Hearts All Gone (38.2%)

#7: Kaleidoscope (29.3%)

#8: Snake Charmer (30.7%)

#9: Up All Night (24.4%)

#10: This Is Home (41.8%)

#11: MH 4.18.2011 (29.3%)

#12: Heart's All Gone Interlude (34.9%)

#13: Love Is Dangerous (39.2%)

#14: Fighting The Gravity (35.2%)

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Why all the hate for Even If She Falls? For me, it's in the top two on the album, along with Ghost.

That said, I think the top four as it stands pretty much reflects the best four on the album.

Agree with this but I'd have to say I like all four almost equally. Chose Wishing Well just because it's become one of my favorites as of recent, where Even If She Falls was my standout song after hearing Ghosts and AM live.

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