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If that were true then:

1. My arguments would not be valid, and you would be able to argue against them. But you either ignore them or make no real effort to do so.

2. The arguments would be about me, but they are not. The only reason we argue is we argue over what we believe is for the good of the board. Everytime I bring something up, I think it's an issue that's relevant to the boards. The benefit of me staying impartial and in the shadows most of the time, is that I only voice things because I'm trying to be fair. Do you think the birthday topics have anything to do with me? Sasha or Jacey getting unbanned? The vinyl topic being moved? All that shit -- I am not personally invested in any of those specific things. I think Sasha and Jacey are great, etc., but I don't have that bias like most people who are personally involved do. It's not about me, I'm honestly just trying to do what's best for everybody.

3. If I loved bitching so much, then I would b.itch more often. I post sparingly, and I only "b.itch" maybe once or twice a month. That's a pretty low rate for someone who bitches just to b.itch.

Why don't you channel your admin energy into doing things that don't piss off half of the board each time? History doens't lie.. you ever wonder to yourself, why everytime you do something everyone gets irritated? Well, it can either be you, or it can be us.. and that many people that many times can't be wrong all the time. A little humility goes a long way buddy.

You do things for this forum right? You do realize the forum=the people of the forum right? So waht's the point of you always doing things for the forum, if the people of the forum don't like it? Then technically you're not doing things for the forum at all. I'm saying this to you earnestly. This is an important point.

Also, I hate these arguments because they never go anywhere (obviously). You don't listen anyway, and you never have any reason back. You just have side stepped arguments like how I don't understand or how I b.itch just to b.itch.

So actually, because I actually hate doing these posts so much, that's why I keep unlocking this topic. I'm tired of ragging on it more than 1 or 2 posts, that's why I usually let up so quickly -- so I'm unlocking it to let the rest of the forum speak their minds. Why do these decisions have to be restricted to the big talking heads? It's not fair, imo.

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