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Breaking Bad Season 5 (SPOILER ALERT)

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Jesse realized that innocent people are being hurt because of Walt (and himself). Now he is desperately trying to make amends, only to see that people he care about are in danger because of Walt.  

Oliver turned his back ignored our call, the money thing began to bore us all, he thought Vince Gilligan's eyes were green, he counted dollars as he neared a dick to blow...   blow-oh-ohhhhhh...  

I met Gus from Breaking Bad. It was so cool. Usually when you meet celebrities they don't look like their character in shows.....they've aged or they change appearances etc. He looked just like Gus. R

anyone who watches tv has seen all of that before a thousand times. nothing about the first three seasons blew me away. i know that a lot of others feel the same.


as beth said, it was probably more exciting when watching week-to-week.


Please tell me which TV show has a man throwing a pizza on his roof.

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seasons 1-3 did drag



People say this, but the first few seasons are the most important in the show. They make you empathize for Walt and like him as a character, they give you the history of him and his family and how they became so desperate, and it showed the transition from small time drug dealer/manufacturer into drug lord. If they sped up the first few season, people wouldn't root for Walt and he wouldn't be the same anti-hero he becomes, and the drug trade will look a lot less believable. 

The fly episode was the only waste of time IMO.

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