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Video Games Thread


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a more general look at them, we combine like that what are you playing thread with just stories of fun or rage inducing shit that has happened in the life of video games. Mention your favourites or just your opinions on the upcoming.

for example

i think the Wii U is going to fail miserably and i fucking love Dark Souls and its impacting my life.

anyone who hasnt played it, do so. You will learn things about yourself like how patient you really are. I do not recommend this for impatient video gamers who have been brought up on COD MW and the like. Its a hardcore RPG where you can expect to die thousands of times.

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Upcoming Games to be excited for (by me)

  • Dishonored
  • XCOM (Enemy Unknown)
  • Hitman Absolution
  • Pokemon Black/white 2

im excited for all of them pending reviews that is and they are all out in the next 30 days... i dont know where i am going to find the time.. i might wait for them and order them for xmas presents haha

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my friend and i tried out the fifa street demo, that's a fun ass game. only fifa game i've ever played.

im looking forward to halo 4, assassin's creed 3, fuck black ops 2, and i feel like there's another one that i'm forgetting. oh and im buying a wii u haha, hopefully it's good.

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i just started playing Arkham City again.

arkham city is my all-time favorite game. i played it for the first time since first beating it when it came out a month or two ago, and i'm playing through it again now haha. i'm already a batman freak, but this game is just built beautifully, from graphics to gameplay to the story. a perfect continuation from the animated series as well

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IGN reviewed dishonored at 9.2 and Eurogamer at 8.

i liked arkham city but much preferred asylum.

I agree. But both games did different things better. IMO, Asylum had better boss fights (those Scarecrow fights were incredible) and had better story telling. I liked the atmosphere of City and gameplay slightly more, and obviously there are more things to do and a better end-game experience, but Asylum blew me away more.

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Looking forward to:


-Xcom Enemy Unknown

-Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

-Project Eternity - this has the potential to be the best game in a long time. Check it out if you like old school RPG's at all.

-Halo 4 (won't buy it but will play MP at friends places)

-GTAV (at least some info!!!!!! Nearly a year since the trailer...)

Probably some others I'm forgetting at the moment. I really want there to be a Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 and I think it's happening but there isn't really much info on it.

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how are you finding it? what difficulty are you playing

I love it! Took a bit of time to get used to compared to 12. But it's so much more realistic.

I play on professional or legendary, depending on the team I am playing against. I find it much harder than FIFA 12 though so I lose more matches.

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Okay so i been using my friends Elite 360 to play Arkham City. Now everything in the game has been working great until last night the system seems to have trouble reading disc (no scratches or anything) and I can do all the riddler challenges fine but when i click to continue story mode. They game will get stuck at the loading point and then it tells me The Game Disc is Unreadable. Can anybody help? I don't know much about 360s since i have a PS3 at home.

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