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1 hour ago, Clarkerpes said:

A knockoff of the NES Classic. It's probably just a Raspberry Pi with a bunch of illegally installed ROMs on it, in a knockoff NES classic. 

The funny thing is, I saw an ad on my Facebook feed for that this morning. 


Speedo - what's the issue, outside of brand recognition and not having the real thing? If it has all those games and the controller feels the same...what's the issue? 

It doesn't have any of those games ... Like at all ... It has 500 random knock off Chinese games.

Also, I have the actual NES Classic ... Even if this was a Raspberry Pi version I have the regular version, what the fuck would I do with a fake NES Classic? I ordered and paid for the SNES.

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1 hour ago, _Kyle_ said:

Overwatch is still very with me. I do like the new girl Moira a lot.

Yeah, she is fun to play. I'm pretty excited to try out that new Yeti festival mode as well.

I started playing as a Pharah main over the last year or so and have really enjoyed it. She's so fun to play if you know how to use her properly. There is nothing more satisfying in the game than shooting a concussion blast next to someone and knocking them off the edge. She's also incredibly useful for targeting healers before your team goes in to attack the objective. 

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51 minutes ago, dildo69er said:

havent played overwatch in AGES. Should create a blink-182online discord for gaming in fact ive just done it. My internet is quite good so id be able to play with you guys.


Feel free to join. 

I just joined ... Although I think I'm the only Xbox user here.

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26 minutes ago, Clarkerpes said:

I'm on Xbox as well, but my headphone broke and I have an older controller and getting a new headset has been next to impossible. 

You're the only person I've talked to that had one ... Everyone else is PS4 and it's fucking ridiculous.

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