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I actually REALLY enjoy listening to this. And the fact that Tom said that it was hard to watch.... makes me wonder how much more feeling went into it than we know, it's actually quite incredible, I feel the emotion behind it a lot and at first was like.. "whats going on here... way to not make a catchy song.. where the fucks the hook and the chorus" .... but the more I listen, the more it just tells a story and the more I feel it. I really truly enjoy this one song more than all the albums... IF AVA is going to be sticking around.. I vouch for this stuff.. it's really quite honest, and it's really large and great. I totally approve.

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I think this is probably my favourite thing they've done since Whisper. I feel like this is what the band lends themselves to much much more than their regular stuff. I prefer the way Toms vocals have been worked in to it here, takes the focus away from the words and places it on the music as a whole. Actually quite impressed by this.

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