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The Christmas/folk song is going to be released on Monday or Tuesday!

"When I Was Young" is my favorite song on DED, and it would've been super interesting to hear what the band would be like now if they had continued in that direction.

i don't think it will top self-titled, but that's because it is an EP that was recorded in a week. from what i've heard so far, it seems amazing for what it is. a step in the right direction for sure.

Aussie itunes says expected release is 18th so maybe it'll drop on the aussie itunes tomorrow. Gonna be rattled if the itunes pre-orders are giving out before the blink182.com ones are put up.

That's most likely how it's going to go down.


Look on the bright side though, at least we'll get the music earlier than if everything were to wait for us Americans to join the rest of the world ;)

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i ask for what time its released, so that i can work out when for me its released. I hope you aren't to far along in your education to be missing this.

No need for insults dude.  I thought you were asking if it would get released in 13 hours in Australia and I said I doubt it.

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