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Dogs Eating Dogs

Live Fast Die Fun

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why cant people understand there is no "ava" or "+44" sound. there is a tom and mark sound. this is the music they want to make. how many people would say this ep sounds too much like AVA if it had come out in 2005 and blink never broke up? nobody would, because you wouldnt have AVA to compare them with. this is blink. thats it

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I can understand it's frustrating people that Blink is constantly compared to Ava and Plus 44. But it's an obvious thing (for me) to do, because the last music we heard from them, was those 2 bands. I just can't help but hearing only Ava in new Blink music. It's sooooooo easy for me to hear what songs are written by Tom and what songs are written by Mark. I feel none song is written as Blink. But I know I'm wrong, this is just the new Blink, and they HAVE been together in one studio, I know, and yet I do feel it's not the Blink that rose to fame writing music in late 90s.


Think I know now why I don't like the EP: it's just Toms voice. I think it sucks. I jus't really don't like his voice. Dammit, I only just realize now. The moment I hear his voice I immediately associate it with that bullshit-ava music with their stupid non-message and their stupid sound effects. I mean it, Ava has fucked up Blink for me.


Also, the synths in this EP and on neighborhoods just really really really don't fit. The bridges are weird, I feel like they don't belong in there, it's like it comes from another song and it's mixed in between in a Blink song.


Doesn't anyone feel like that Even if She Falls doesn't have these synths in it, doesn't have weird bridges and weird sounds coming from a computer, it's just a simple feel-good Blink 182-rock song? I think it has a sound like the outro of Always, or the cover of A letter to Elise. I think Even if She Falls is the best sounds what should have come out after Selftitled.


I must admit, the chorus of Pretty Little Girl does sound like it could have been on TOYPAJ, but then the verses come and Tom begins whining, nagging, singing like a he's so constipated he hasn't taken a shit in years,  but he just can't pull this kind of singing off. Bono can, he can not. (this is just me being me, so you can ignore the next part lol) But even if I found Pretty Little Girl the best Blink song ever, I'd still hate it. Simply by the fact a fucking wannabe fucking dumbass of a "rapper" has ruined it. Call me close minded, I probably am, but I will NEVER in my life accept the fact that there's rap in a blink song. Even if I'd like it, I'd hate it lol.


Edit: I've read my post, it might come off a litte bit too negative. I think Boxing Day is alright, I like blink acoustic songs. This is the best song of the EP what concerns Tom and Mark singing together. Dogs eating Dogs is ok too, like Hoppus' parts, the bridge is not-fitting, should have been heavier and faster. And why no singing in bridges?


And why no use of catchy riffs like intro WMAA, Dysentery Gary, Carousel, Reckless Abandon .. ????? 

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I think my biggest take away from this EP is this:  Welcome back Tom's guitar sound.  Seriously, as much as I like Neighborhoods, it bugged the crap out of me that guitar parts seemed so frequently relegated to the background, and often sounded so empty; I'm loving that we hear the crunching and heavy guitar as the norm again instead of the exception.


Edit- also, the return of some classic palm muting.  That was something else I missed on Neighborhoods.  Palm muted parts were few and far between

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