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Dogs Eating Dogs

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The Christmas/folk song is going to be released on Monday or Tuesday!

"When I Was Young" is my favorite song on DED, and it would've been super interesting to hear what the band would be like now if they had continued in that direction.

i don't think it will top self-titled, but that's because it is an EP that was recorded in a week. from what i've heard so far, it seems amazing for what it is. a step in the right direction for sure.

I just think it is a horrible rap. I'm not really a rap fan, I used to listen to some, but this was just awful. The beginning of it he doesn't even rap to the rhythm of the song, its just ruins the rest of the rap for me even tho it gets better later in the rap.....I think WIWY is my favorite song so far. The way it builds up into the chorus is just awesome. I hope it is the single but I hope they don't play it out.....

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I listened to this on the bus today, I think the chorus on When I was young could be a grower, but the rest of the song is kind of boring, Dog eating dogs could also be a grower, but I don't like it very much, the chorus seems kind of weak to me, Disaster is a pretty good song too, but I miss a good chorus here. Boxing day is a great fucking song except for the drums and Pretty little girl is perfect and I don't even like rap, but I even enjoy the rap in the song, the best song on the ep(at first listen though)

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