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You know i loved Neighborhoods when it was first released due to the anticipation and long wait and just hearing new blink music but over time that album started to fade out of my playlist and i started noticing some songs felt a little forced and others lacking something. The only song i ever really listen to on that album is Wishing Well and Kaleidoscope but even the songs they wrote together on that album felt awkward. 


Now when i listen to a couple months ago i felt like i had to force myself to like some songs with this Ep i don't feel have to force myself to like any of the songs. I don't really like Disaster that much but its still a good song. 

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I still do love neighborhoods but for a different reason. I feel like this new EP I love on a level of untitled in the sense that its the 3 of them working together in a room. Neighborhoods is still a great album that has some def stand out tracks. This EP though is def what would of been after untitled, it's a perfect mix of everything the 3 of them have done on the side as well.

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The band seems more stoked on this EP then they ever did Neighborhoods, just based on all their tweets and stuff about it being No 1 and everything else.

because they achieved their goal: it really turned out to be 5 great songs, and the fan reactions are largely positive.

on the one hand, unlike before, this time the hardcore blink fans successfully degraded their meaningless statements like "fuck it, it sounds like ava."* so finally the average fans can form their own opinions, they are allowed to like this record. you know, if the majority of us called it shitty, the public opinion would be far less positive...

and on the other had, the pr was well done: they had to emphasize that they recorded it together, they are friends, they know the last album wasn't the best because they weren't a real band that time - but now everything's alright, etc... without it you would probably hate the exact same songs.

(*if you think about it, it's the stupidest argument... "this new blink-182 song reminds me of angels and airwaves. i guess i have to hate it. i don't care if it's the greatest element of ava and it works fine in the blink song, but it recalls a bad memory that tom left blink for another band. i feel his heart is still at that other band, so i complain about it." i guess if you let the bad feelings go, you realize your complains are simplified to this: "tom's improved musically. he uses his skills in blink-182." do you still think it's a complain? just forget the years with ava if you don't like that... a blink album in 2005 would have sounded just like this ep.)

yep, further reasons of the positive reactions: the lyrics are mature and varied. tom's singing changed a lot in the years, but his voice on ded is the best since self titled. same thing with the instrumentation...

it seems like it wasn't useless to tell their technicians and everyone what we think about how things would be better. they have heard and took the fans' advices, and we get something what we wanted.

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