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lmao @ this"     "This is just so .. fucking creepy... i'm waiting for tom to be locked up naked in a cage in the background of one of your videos.. Reply Â· 22 l

The one satisfying thing about this video is seeing that just like Tom, he also looks like a total cunt in that beanie.

Im glad this guy is back! talented young individual. I think he was like this before tom was and it it is tom copying him

The thing is we don't know if this is just an act that he does or if he actually is this way in real life, if he actually is then he probably has a problem, but this could also just be his act and trying to get attention, which he succeeds at!



Sooo, you wonder if he is that way in real life?

There you go: http://www.facebook.com/leodehoe


It's like viewing a private facebook profile of Tom if you ask me. The picture where he is standing next to his bike - you couldn't tell if it's Tom or not.. Really creepy. Also just found out he lives in Frankfurt. Maybe I should take the 3 hrs drive and talk some sense into that kid.

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an irrelevant bash but i hate that hes constantly doing some retarded shit with his eyebrows like he's always confused. also when looking through the photos on his fb (im ashamed i even clicked the link) he was saying that he doesnt imitate tom outside of videos, just that he's been dressing and acting this way long before he was into blink and now tom just makes stuff that fits his style 

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