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lmao @ this"     "This is just so .. fucking creepy... i'm waiting for tom to be locked up naked in a cage in the background of one of your videos.. Reply Â· 22 l

The one satisfying thing about this video is seeing that just like Tom, he also looks like a total cunt in that beanie.

Im glad this guy is back! talented young individual. I think he was like this before tom was and it it is tom copying him


tom delonge leo dehoe, himself, gives us the inside scoop:



he started to talk to me he said that my jacket is awesome and then david came to me and he recognize me from.youtube because i did many good ava and blink covers and i became really famous because of that and then i gave tom my phone to show him my guitsr close up and he said fucking wooow and they gave me big props because of the covers so i was really happy.then i thought he forgets me but after that in summer he did the boomer contest 1000 of people played and i won this shit and macbeth even post one of my covers at their site..crazy shit but this year i have deleted my.fuck youtube account because of dump shit and now i try to come back..but the fame still exist
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the fame still exist guys, the fame still exist


haha "fame", what a fucking space case. Little did he know that after he left Tom was probably like holy fuck that was creepy. I mean he's not going to tell someone who paid and waited in line to see him that they are fucking weird and pathetic, of course hes gonna be like "oh shit rad dude, awesome", lol.

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