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What TV show are you watching?

Melty Mark

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I watch everything on Hulu, Netflix or downloaded by the bf. I any ever get the tv til the little lady goes to bed. She doesn't even watch it all day long, but she loves the option of watching when she wants to & all the silly songs get her pumped up and dancing around all the time. Dora has actually taught her a ton of stuff already, pretty cool.

But yeah, I don't watch much tv, just get to catch up when she's nappin & I have nothing better to do. Dont need anything more than Hulu really, but my parents have Netflix, so I find myself on there on the rare occasion I catch up on everything I like to watch on Hulu. Still have to finish the last couple seasons of Lost someday, and I NEED to catch up on The Walking Dead so badly.

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Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad (finished now)

New Misfits back on soon, last ever series. Gutted

What else can I check out?

Tried Dexter, don't like it. Not a fan of American comedy so none of those please.

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