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Does anyone know if blink will be touring in 2015 independently in the UK?


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yeah, they said it. no uk tour in summer 2014. just reading and leeds...


they haven't yet told about:

 - tour/summer festivals in europe (but we hope that there will be a few dates)

 - any tour after the new album (obviously they will do a promo tour, but we don't know when and where)


so everything besides R/L is just speculation.

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That was their first appearances in the UK since the reunion though which is maybe why they did those other shows.


Leeds & Reading said themselves that it's Blink's only UK shows in 2014 so I'd imagine that they've signed a contract saying they won't play anywhere else (therefore making more people want to go and seem them at L&R) but they'll probably be back in the UK in early 2015 to tour the new album... Hopefully. And if not then hopefully they'll be touring some different places (Asia, South America, etc)

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