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Work has begun on the Nothing and Nobody "Album"

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I've been excited about every blink side-project so far. But, I just can't get excited about this. I am not interested at all. I'd be overjoyed if we were getting new +44, but for some reason I am not

In all honesty, I'm more excited to hear new AVA than Nothing and Nobody.

Pretty disappointing. If he is going to be working on something outside of blink, it should be +44. Freaking loved +44!

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1 hour ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

Ive never even heard of this until I saw this section and it caught my eye

Don't worry, you missed Nothing. 

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Heard this line from Grumpy in Disney's Snow White and thought of this project that went nowhere.

GRUMPY: "Now I'm warnin' ya. Don't let nobody or nothin' in the house."

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