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The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline


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found some nice flyers !


10/3/1998: The band performs at Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




9/16/1997: The band performs at La Luna in Portland, Oregon.




7/10/1997: The band performs at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington as part of Warped Tour 1997.

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4 hours ago, Thibaut182 said:

holy shit that is cool. hope someone gets it and rips it. apparently the bootleg already exists in some circles according to some quick googling. according to this article, the "snowballs" on the tape is in reference to a snowball fight mark and tom started with the audience. there's some great photos of that show here too.

also, here's a short and sweet mtv news article promoting that show: http://www.mtv.com/news/1426209/rancid-blink-182-to-play-board-stiff-in-seattle/

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Wow. We have all seen those old pictures of Mark smoking pot, so this is the bootleg from that show! That's awesome.

It costs a lot and I don't know if there are still avid collectors out there who are willing to pay that price for a bootleg but I do hope someone buys it and rips it.

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17 hours ago, Thibaut182 said:

5/3/1996: The band performs at The Dome in San Bernadino, California, as a part of National Orange Show.*

i was at that show. have several flyers from it. it's the show that my GF's lip got cut on the barricade. after the show we were backstage hanging out, and tom was super apologetic about it. he wrote on the back of a flyer, "sorry about the lip - tom blink" (which is the first time i ever saw him sign something "tom blink."



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updated this with every poster @Thibaut182 and @daveyjones added, thanks for those, since many provide new tour dates. would be nice one day to get this forum running with an "on this day" feature, since i'm sure most of the days of the year are represented over this timeline, some more than once. for all of those posters, i backed them up with archive.org links.

i also updated more recent events on part two of the timeline, with cali deluxe and whatnot (but no one cares about that lol!).

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updated once again with tour dates from the reunion tour in 2009/2010, and scattered things here and there from that time (studio updates). what a shit time to be a fan back then huh? "we're starting to work on the album"/"we haven't started yet"/"coming soon, this year!"/"no, next year." i know mark was just as disappointed with tom's inactivity as we were, but i guess a lot of us didn't expect what was to come with california.

my hope is to get the 2003/2004 tour dates filled in sooner or later, and then, as far as i know, that might be the complete tour history (aside from random mid-90s dates here and there)

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1 hour ago, boxelder said:

my hope is to get the 2003/2004 tour dates filled in sooner or later, and then, as far as i know, that might be the complete tour history (aside from random mid-90s dates here and there)

these are all great updates! let me see if I can help with the missing dates:

February 2004

06 London,Wembley Arena cap.10,800
07 Manchester,MEN Arena cap.14,000
08 Glasgow,Braehead Arena cap. 5,200
10 Nottingham,Arena cap. 7,500
11 London,Hammersmith Odeon cap. 4,800
13 Munich,Olympiahalle cap. 7,000+
14 Zurich,Hallenstadion cap.12,000
15 Bologna,Sports Hall cap. 4,500
17 Dusseldorf,P.Halle cap. 7,500
18 Paris,Zenith cap. 6,000 

(But I think you can find the entire tour they did in 2004 on wikipedia)

I have this interview with Mark from november 2003: http://uk.askmen.com/celebs/interview_100/105_blink_182_interview.html

Some other important dates in 2003:

9/06/2003: On September 6th in San Diego, CA, Blink-182 and Taking Back Sunday will play a benefit concert for Jason Bogle, a professional surfer who has been diagnosed with bone cancer, and has no insurance or funds. This was the flyer of that show:  


10/24/2003 TRL Feeling This video premiere

11/21/2003: MTV album Launch with blink-182
11/24/2003: Mark Hoppus at Jimmy Kimmel Live
11/25/2003 blink-182 at MTV loveline
11/25/2003: Tom DeLonge at Jimmy Kimmel Live
11/26/2003: Travis Barker at Jimmy Kimmel 

Blink-182's DollaBill Tour dates, according to Geffen Records:

11/6 - Boston, MA @ Avalon

11/7 - Philadelphia, PA @ TLA

11/8 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

11/9 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza

11/12 - Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews

11/13 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues

11/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest

11/17 - Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon

11/18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon11/21 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA

Here are some older flyers that maybe are missing, this one is for the 8/12/1994: The band performs at SOMA in San Diego, California, at Unwritten Law's album release party






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