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Tom Delonge new song "The Invisible Parade"

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I'm lost without you is beautiful and blinks best closer.

I think new world is much better

Agreed on both counts. ILWY is an absolutely PERFECT closer for that album, and if you have the album on repeat and launch right back into Feeling This, it really hits you just how much the tone of th

This is my thought that I posted on reddit.

I like the sound of it (I am a fan of acoustic stuff), but seriously...I can't for the life of me interpret what this song is about. It's obvious it is about a soldier coming home from war, but the lyrics actually make no fucking sense. This is the one place that the song is kind of disappointing. I like the sound, but not the song itself.

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The song is not that bad but it is just pretty boring. The lyrics are not really relatable either. The line "mother I'm coming home" seems so strange and out of place and he repeats it throughout the whole song. His voice is alright I guess just a little bit different than usual. The "chorus" left something to be desired. All in all the writing process just seemed rushed. Maybe it would have turned out better if he actually took his time to write the song. But if you look at it as a demo it is alright i guess. 

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like i said in the other thread and as someone mentioned.. its a good song just not what you would expect from Tom, its not like his work so you guys may not like it.

I personally like the the la da da part. It makes it seem more demo like i wanted. You seem him do this when he creates songs on acoustic, like in STM documentary. 

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