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Predictions: What will happen with Blink 182 over the next 5 years?


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- mark is still on the mend, so nothing really new will be released this year. 
- new music (maybe just an EP) and a summer tour in 2023.
- maybe tom plays a handful of shows for a small run of west coast dates, or just a couple california shows (LA/SD)

what i'd like to see happen:
- mark gets the ok from scott and tom to release a bunch of the old blink demos he's discovered. maybe some deluxe versions of a couple of their older albums. 
- i'd like to see a proper nine tour happen in 2023 before they completely move on to the next era of the band.
- maybe a new one-off EP with tom, but he doesn't join the band full time again. 
- tom and travis do a BCR show and release that new song they've hinted at for an anniversary release of the album. 

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If I had to guess, they quit making new albums and start touring the world playing the hits.  Just not sure it makes sense for any of the guys to put in the effort on new music with everything else going on.

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