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When I click onto the boards this flashes up with the most recent threads but then within a second it disappears. Anyone know why? I'm finding that I'm missing out on threads because I used to just look at that rather than click on every section.

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Sorry Scott! I'm supposed to get an email when someone posts in here.


Is this still happening? If you move your mouse up the top left, do you see this button you can press to bring the sidebar out? Is recent topics in there?



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It's probably going to be hard/impossible to see on iPad, but to the right of the 'Recent Topics' heading you should be able to press to show/hide recent topics. When you hover a mouse over the area you see 3 dots, but as you're on iPad you probably won't be able to see them (should still be able to press them though). See my screenshot here, try and press in this spot and see if it shows the recent topics.



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