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New travis interview.  Blink update starts around 7 minute mark.  Some good stuff in there. 70-80% done with the album Best work in a decade since untitled John Feldmann Produ

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2 hours ago, ungroovy said:

Put down the beer, bud

Worst idea you've ever had, and you posted in the Champagne room. 

That Beth, always acting like she's part of my band. She barely even contributes to the writing process.


She's basically the Tom of this forum, except arrogance is replaced with passive aggression. 

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23 minutes ago, boxelder said:

i was listening to that song mark guested on for all time low (tidal waves), and his vocals sound amazing on it, better than ever. and feldmann produced that. so i'm betting we're going to get something that sounds glorious

Couldn't agree more with that. First of all, I love how polished and glossy it sounds. It's trademark Feldmann and it totally fits blink.

I think Mark's voice in Dogs Eating Dogs (and the production, generally speaking) was already an improvement over Neighborhoods. If "Tidal Waves" is any indication we will have a more dynamic and passionate feel to his vocals.

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