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1 hour ago, redhotbrianpeppers said:

Cool, hopefully that takes care of it. I also just noticed that it's not showing anything in the general discussion after October 30. Are you getting that too?

Thanks for pointing that out, I can see that it's not showing anything after October 30 and I assume there were posts in there in the last week or two. It's best I wait until the post processing scripts finish because they might fix it up, if they don't I'll work on it and figure out what's going on.

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12 hours ago, Dean said:

Thanks guys.

We don't have anything set up for donations, the thought is appreciated but we make enough from the ads to pay our server costs so there's really nothing for any donations to go towards. I do my best to look after this stuff here because I love this place, certainly don't want any money out of it!

Here's our facebook group, people post in here if the forums are ever down so I can keep everyone up to date. https://www.facebook.com/groups/blink182online/

How do I get into said group? It just says permission not available when I click it?

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