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1 hour ago, petros said:

I hate the Rockets as we all have here. I was upset he moved there instead of Miami. 

Thought about it more and I've accepted it and I'm rooting for them to win now. That's how much I love the brodie.

Something all you saying Russ is a ballhog should consider is Russ this year was letting schroeder and pg to handle the ball a lot. He actually was 15 in usage rate.

I will say that Harden seems to talk fondly about his time in OKC, and obviously Russ loves the fans, makes me feel a little better.  I will root for them for sure, as much as it sucks for me to say that. 

Also, SGA is going to be really fucking good for the Thunder.  Just gotta wait for the next disgruntled star to want out (KAT?), Presti has millions of picks to handout. 

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On 7/13/2019 at 1:07 AM, JarJarBlinks said:

D'antoni's entire system is based on speed and 3's and lobs.  Remember the Steve Nash Suns?  

Stack the paint and stop Russ from getting to the rim/pick and roll with Capela, oh ok, here's Harden, Tucker, etc just waiting to knock down a three.   Keep defenders on the wing and devote all energy on stopping Harden and the shooters? Oh ok, have fun with Westbrook knifing down the lane at the basket for either a dunk or a pocket pass to a big man. 

The only players who need to touch the ball are Harden and Russ.  They don't move the ball and haven't since the emergence of Harden, there is plenty of time to split the ball between both of them.  I think it's going to work extremely well or Westbrook wouldn't have requested to be traded to Houston.  

I appreciate what you're saying, I just still don't think it's going to work.  At least CP could still shoot somewhat.  I think the only reason WB asked for a trade there, is so he could love it up with Harden.

Still, can't see HOU winning anything either way.  Which makes me happy considering I know average Dubs are going to be.

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