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The Tom Delonge Thread

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After letting it settle.

Losing My Mind is possibly the best song.  His voice sounds really good here and good lyrics, everything actually.

RG and K&T are still top tier and memorable.


Rest feel pretty mediocre, average, won't be returning to outside rare occasion.

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10 minutes ago, twentytwenty said:

Setlist spoiler alert!

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Losing my mind is officially in the setlist. And it sounds great! Smart move to let Ilan and matt do the prechorus



It's awkward but I actually think the second verse works a lot better than it does on the recording. 

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1 hour ago, kibbles said:

I will never get over how awkward it is seeing him without a guitar lol.

I would think the low talking bits would be incredibly easy for him and even that sounds all over the place. 

It’s in tune mostly just fucking boring to watch and he looks uncomfortable with it.

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9 minutes ago, twentytwenty said:

I’m sorry that it bother you so much, I will keep doing spoiler alerts though so that people who don’t want to see it don’t have to. 

It bothers me about as much as any other dumb, pointless thing here does. I just thought you should know it's unnecessary. It's your account and rep though, go for it.

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1 minute ago, daveyjones said:

i need a spoiler warning warning. because i prefer spoilers. for everything. i'm the guy who reads the entire wikipedia page before seeing the movie.

My wife does the same thing ... every movie or show we watch she reads the synopsis mid-watch. It drives me nuts. I don't care about spoilers, fucking tell me Dumbledore dies or Bruce Willis is a ghost the whole time and I'm fine with it. I enjoy the journey but don't do it while we watch the fucking thing. 

I'm going to have to beat my wife Davey.

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