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The Tom Delonge Thread

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Я не использовал интернет забывают прочитать средства, чтобы написать это. Я на самом деле очень хорошо на русском языке. Да здравствует революция. 1917 сто лет назад, но он не останавливается на достигнутом. Давайте поднимем серп и молот, товарищ

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The only way Tom should be allowed back in the band is if he climbs that same street light to impress Mark this time.   *broken ankles are optional.

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On 5/5/2017 at 7:11 AM, Kay said:

Pretty sure one of his hype space things promised AVA music, so it'll be that. 

Which version of AVA? The one with Matt Watcher? Ryan Sinn? David Kennedy? Ilan Rubin? Or solo Tom-AVA?

Or Travis-AVA?

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6 hours ago, alkaline_skiba said:

He confirmed that Bcr will be back for strange time ep with a ":)" on response to a comment

Well, as long as his confirmations are worth taking them serious, of course.

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