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The Tom Delonge Thread

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33 minutes ago, Olidamus said:

No offense but Maybe you need to look up the following terms:



Purchasing Shares


Stock exchange

Hopefully YOU do really well.

Add "debt" to the list lol

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, I own 37 shares of Texas Roadhouse  at $56.69 a share. I paid $2097.62. Their market value was $2097.62. Since that time they have gone up to a market value of $57.78. I've made $40.24 for a market value of $2,137.86. I could sell this at anytime and get all that money back (plus the profits).


This is how the stock market works.



If I bought $2000 shares worth of TTS their market value would be 10 cents. In a fake company that doesn't generate revenue and holds tons of debt. I can't sell them.

When Tom says "this is exactly like the stock market". Please tell me in specific detail, how he is not lying?


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I understand how stocks work and debts in businesses work, and I understand enough to know that Tom is not treating this as such.

He's using the stock market as examples in a direct question about them. But NOWHERE does he say that it will be exactly like the stock market. He's just explaining investing into this company and how that works. Again, if you think he's leading people on, yes perhaps, but nobody I've come across who supports this venture thinks it's like the stock market. I imagine they're in for a rude awakening if they do, but so far I don't see that happening.


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Just now, Olidamus said:

Scamming people out of $2.5mil, nah, that ain't no big thing. Just an exaggeration.

People are willing to empty their pockets to fund Tom's venture, when he's upfront about it, is not a scam. It's a bad investment IMO, but it's not a scam.

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He made a video explaining that this is exactly like the stock market and when the company does well they will all profit. But in the fine print of his own offering it says that there isn't even a way to cash out.

Scam. Just because something is LEGAL doesn't mean it's not a scam. He's using dishonest methods to prey on gullible people who don't understand what they are doing. All of this just to get his other companies out of debt.

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He made a video and compared his company to the stock exchange. Which is sort of appropriate seeing how it is set up.

Again, this would be a long, weird, bold, and arduous way to get money for failing businesses if so that took so much coordination and effort that I just can't imagine it being the end game. Not only would he risk his personal finances to do this, but the 10 or so people he dragged into doing it with him. But maybe they're all in on it in this long con. 

But I don't see evidence to that. The people who invest don't see it as that either. They see it as just giving Tom money to do his thing. So what is there to conclude? This could easily ruin his reputation (and I don't care about that) and could destroy his entire persona if it's as bad as you're claiming it to be. So why even risk such a thing if he just wanted a fat paycheck for making a fake company? Tom could probably tour for one year and make more money with less work. I would just say be critical of your own biases. All we have here is a vaguely bad idea for a company built around maybe delusional people. Then there's people who support it. The end.

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It's all good. I'm just trying to be objective here. I understand where the aversion to Delonge's business antics comes from, but I just feel like making it sound worse than it is doesn't do us any good.


This was never posted as far as I can tell. It's interesting to hear Harry Reid commending Tom. Tom is definitely being targeted by the government to help with something.  


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13 minutes ago, NotNow said:

I agree that it is pretty scammy, but uh not being able to cash out is typical of a new privately held company. That’s not unusual. This isn’t a publicly traded company.

edit: oops I meant to quote ghent

uh being able to cash out is kind of implied in the video where Tom repeatedly says it is just like the stock market

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