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The Tom Delonge Thread

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What people think Boxcar Racer would be like           What it would actually be like  

Here's an actual conversation between Mark and Tom from when things were going bad:    

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8 minutes ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

What are you crying about again? Didn't say a word about Jen on the last page. Just your dumbass mates putting words in my mouth. The same mates (doleys) who go off topic for 5 pages talking about food. Durrrr ur a racist sexist pedophile!! Fucking bellend

Well, you're definitely a pedophile. I dont really know about the sexist or racist part. Are you?

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2 hours ago, FighterOfGravity said:

Yeah but it's just annoying he was so resistant to just doing this for blink or doing this for blink currently. 

Yeah I hear ya, to be honest I think Blink is pretty much totally in his rearview unfortunately. I doubt he honestly feels like he'd be in the band if he wasn't "busy," or even wants to be anymore. :(

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Start the Machine was so rad, I'm hyped for another AVA doc. His Pursuit of Tone doc was pretty good too. I love that we're getting all these docs from Tom. I wish blink-182 would give us a documentary. I was legit more excited for the blinkumentary than I was for Neighborhoods and it never came out.

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