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The Tom Delonge Thread

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Yea automatic rules as expected, the other two yikes. Timebomb is good but nothing shockingly good. A fire in a nameless town has a good chorus melody but the instrumentation is so grating. If that chorus was over guitars classic Tom, it would probably be a good song. No more guns I hope I never have to hear again it might be one of Tom’s worst songs ever. I have to say this is probably the worst overall ava album. It just doesn’t really feel like Tom in most places. It shines when toms being tom, and it’s quite boring everywhere else. Automatic just reinforces that we need a neighborhoods part 2. we’ve been strung along by blink and ava since 2014.

here’s my ranking

Great Songs:

1. Losing My Mind

2. Automatic

3. Kiss and Tell

Good Songs:

4. Timebomb

5. Rebel Girl

Bad Songs:

6. Euphoria

7. Spellbound

8. Restless Souls

9. A Fire In A Nameless Town

10. No More Guns


So half this album is pretty good in my eyes and 2/5 of those songs are over two years old. Dream walker everything was at least average (it wasn’t only half the album I’ll ever listen to) even if the top two songs on this album are higher highs.

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2 minutes ago, kibbles said:

I can't believe Automatic wasn't a single

My theory is rise knew that since they planned on releasing everything before the album that they wanted at least one really good song left on album release day knowing that no more guns and a fire in a nameless town would not be well received at all. So if on album release day say all that was released was spellbound, a fire in a nameless town, and no more guns it would probably hurt fan reception of the album. Saving automatic helps quell that

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