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Okay after many listens here are my ratings for each song (best to worst)..

She's out of her mind 4.5/5

Home is such a lonely place 4.5/5

Cynical 4.5/5

No Future 4/5

Left alone 4/5

Bored to death 4/5

Only thing that matters 3.5/5

California 3.5/5

San Diego 3.5/5

Rabbit hole 3.5/5

Kings of the weekend 3.5/5

Teenage satalites 3.5/5

Sober 3/5

Los Angeles 3/5

I don't count the two joke songs but love them both. Overall a really good album with not one song I would call weak unlike Neighborhoods which IMO had more then one weak song. Overall 8/10. Love it!

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I know I might get a lot of shit for this but this album is on the same level as Neighborhoods for me. There's a bunch of songs I really like but also a bunch I'll probably skip. Overall I think it will be a fun summer album but nothing that blows my mind. Cynical is fucking fantastic though.

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There seems to be a lot of criticism about the lack of riffs stemming from the absence of Tom. While there's absolutely some truth to that, I feel like this album is significantly better than Neighborhoods / DED in the riff department.

What was the last original riff Tom came up with post-hiatus? New World?

Up All Night written during the Untitled sessions. Wishing Well and Even If She Falls were around during the Modlife days. Natives was a more or less a derivative of M&Ms. GOTDF and Disaster are that same delay-riff we've heard a million times in AVA. When I Was Young, Snake Charmer, Up All Night, etc. are all that same post-hardcore riff Tom's been recycling since Boxcar.

Point is: would Tom really have brought anything new to the table?

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Still collecting my thoughts, but these are my rankings as of now.


1."Cynical"   4/5

2."Bored to Death"   4/5

3."She's Out of Her Mind"   3.5/5

4."Los Angeles"   4/5

5."Sober"  4.5/5

6."Built This Pool"   

7."No Future"   3/5

8."Home Is Such a Lonely Place" 5/5

9."Kings of the Weekend"  3/5

10."Teenage Satellites"  3/5

11."Left Alone"   4/5

12."Rabbit Hole"   4/5

13."San Diego"  4.5/5

14."The Only Thing That Matters"   4/5

15."California"  3.5/5

16."Brohemian Rhapsody" 

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Cynical - 5/5

Bored to Death- 3/5

Shes Out of Her Mind- 3/5

Los Angeles- 3.5/5

Sober- 2/5

No Future- 3/5

Home Is Such a Lonely Place- 2/5

Kings of The Weekend- 2.5/5

Teenage Satellites- 3/5

Left Alone- 4/5

Rabbit Hole- 4/5

San Diego- 4/5

The Only Thing That Matters- 3.5/5

California- 4/5



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I hate left alone with a passion, that's just me though.

That is the one that truly feels like generic pop punk by anyone and just elevates all the flaws I find in the album at the worst time because I am thoroughly enjoying the beginning... Cynical, BTD, los Angeles, soohm, no future.. Then a string of pop comes in and left alone takes it to the point I can't handle it and want to get to San Diego and eventually TOTTM.

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8 songs in and I like it so far.

It's really poppy at points, but so was Enema. But other then Enema most of the songs I've heard so far have some sort of melancholic feel to it, what I really enjoy.

Since 2003 I whish they'd do another album in the spirit of selftitled. But by now I have accepted this will just not happen. Probably mainly due to the lack of Jerry. I think the new material is as good as blink will get without him. It's more pop then punk, but if you accept that pop music is not the devil you can really enjoy it. 

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