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27 minutes ago, _Kyle_ said:

I seem recall certain members of this board advocating that we shouldn't feel bad when we find 15 year old girls "hot" because of biology or some shit. Really makes you wonder who in fact are the true pedos. 

I mean by the time a girl is 16-17 or graduates high school theyre fully grown...they dont look much different til the mid 20s. 


Anyways the only thing I have to say about Feldman is that he might have held these guys back. Mark Matt and Travis do not need someone guiding them every step of the way and controlling everything 

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Welp, there have been quite a few misconceptions here.  The idea that people dislike what Feldmann has produced with other bands = why they're hating on him. Dumb. It's because the influence he'

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33 minutes ago, Ghent said:

Adults and people far older than Mark use the term "girl" in songs. If you find it creepy you are probably some kind of pedophile yourself.

Song about flirting with old ladies at Starbucks? Look at what you've become daveyjones. That's terrible.

the creepy comment was a *joke.* all i'm saying is i'm a 39 year old dude listening to an over 40 year old dude with a wife and a kid sing about "girls" and it strikes me as inauthentic. it makes the songs harder to relate to. as opposed to say, the descendents. milo is even older than mark, but he's been singing about *women* since the 90s.

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5 minutes ago, b00bies said:

man, i gotta say after Untitled/ Neibourhood/DED dark, sad, sound, it's like blink is shoving this bag full of happy blink songs in your throat and just screams "DEAL WITH IT BITCH". love it.

Not all of them have that happy tone but they make you wanna jump up and save the world (Los Angeles).

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The start of Los Angeles before the verse kicks in reminds me of Snake Charmer with the creepy keyboard vibe

Also this is the drumming coming in for the final chorus of Home Is Such A Lonely Place

and Kings Of The Weekend


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Maybe someone else has mentioned it and i missed it but how has no one commented on how the riff in Bored To Death, No Future and San Diego are very similar.  Like way to similar for a band to have 3 songs on one album with it.

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