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The Dream Walker Demos

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Here's the thing: When you buy this you get 26 blank tracks of audio. You have to record your own 26 demos and then listen to them.

It's not even the fact that he's selling demos that's funny to me. It's the fact that the demos cost more than the real album.  

Charging money for fucking demos? Really? 

Anyways, thank you, mate.

I'm having a look to it. Despite some interesting little fragments, or the demos for Anomaly, there's no really interesting materials there. Is just pieces of partial work (as it speaks the title, of course). Charging 18$ for it, on a digital version is insane.

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You know, I've seen Jimmy Eat World on more than one occasion release a new album for $12 and then a Deluxe version of the album for literally $14.  The Deluxe version of the album in every instance is the same album with a second bonus disc, that is all the same tracks but all the demo versions of those tracks.  I received the Deluxe versions of Futures in 2004, and it was amazing.

Point is, for $2 more, a band with a fantastic album was willing to give me demos of all the tracks on that album as a separate album, and in total they still cost less than what is being charged here just for demos, and of course no physical copy either, just digital.

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Tom is really make it hard not to hate him/think he's a douche nowadays isn't he?

Most musicians are awesome enough to include the songs in a deluxe edition (like someone previously mention) while others are kind enough to just upload them to the internet for free. This fucker has the nerve to not only charge us an album full of demos, but makes it more expensive than the original release.

Also funnily enough it was released on the same day (or day later) when Mark called him out on his bullshit fucking lies he spewing on his facebook post. While (for some reason) I still appreciate his music, and look forward to what else he may put out (I still have some sick twisted illogical hope that some day he'll surprise) at this point though, I can't help but agree with the people who hate Tom. I wish he would just go the hell away and shut the fuck up. Also stop being a scumbag, and just release original music, and if you're gonna charge make sure it's worth charging.

Fuck Tom, you really don't know when to quit do you?

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