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Subforum is a good idea Niku usually did that, but I think we can set that up.


As far as your VIP question, it totally depends on the person. Read the details of it and if you think that is worth the money than it is. Generally you get exactly what they say you will get. I've done the weezer VIP and it was as promised. I think there was a bit of buyers remorse. I mean it was $300 and it was just some popcorn and soft drinks, a signed CD, ticket to a show, and a REAL quick photo with the band. It was good, but after it was over I was kind if like "wow, that was $300".

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I did the new found glory via which included sound check where they played three songs that weren't on the Setlist that night. Also got all their album covers signed and photo with them. They was a great cup and not very expensive.

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