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Assuming Tom will inevitably be back in Blink eventually, let's place bets.

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The wheels will start turning in late 2018. Tom will post a picture of himself hanging with Mark and/or Travis with something like "stay tuned".

Official announcement that Tom is back in the band December 13, 2018 (AKA Tom's birthday).

First show with Tom back March 22, 2019 at Musink.


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I bet he never comes back. 

You must enter an exact date. No double post guessing, no post editing. any "edited posts" will render you permanently disqualified.  The winner shall receive a pool full of naked dudes and hilar

46 minutes ago, InkedRichie said:

November 2017, Matt will be working on a new Alk3 album and after seeing the success of California Tom will decide he wants back in. If he wants to be a dick though he could approach Travis about another BCR album to mess with Mark?

or Tom could pick up Dan Andriano and Derek Grant along with David Kennedy for new Box Car Racer

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Maybe for the 50th anniversary of the band. I don't know when will be that.

Even the Beach Boys recruited back David Marks in 2012, who was fired in 1963 when Al Jardine returned to the band after finishing college.

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