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Predict the next singles

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It's been discussed in various threads, but thought it could use a thread. 

I'm going to take the Enema of the State approach (neutral song in WMAA, happy/upbeat song in ATST, and serious/sad/slower song in Adam's Song) and say:

-She's out of her mind. It's poppy, fun, and just sounds like a Blink song. Would be a good choice because it's a good summer tune, it contrasts the darker sounding Bored to Death release, and reminds the casual fans what Blink is all about.

-Home is such a lonely place. Shows that the album has variety and can hit you in the feels (even if it is a bit cheesy). California wouldn't be a terrible alternative, but HISALP is more unique and emotional IMO.

-Doubtful, but if they manage 4 singles, I'd love to see San Diego or Left Alone be the last single. San Diego has more mainstream appeal IMO, since it has a more catchy chorus. 


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She's Out Of Her Mind is an obvious choice, Left Alone would probably be a good one, it's got kind of a "middle of the night in the summer" type of vibe to it and a huge chorus. Home is probably going to be a single though and I'm kinda dreading that one. I can't see Sober being a single at all, let alone a hit.

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