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Radioactive Ghent

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I pretty much gave up at 90, game isn't fun anymore. See the same common Pokemon everywhere, only ever found 1 10km egg and I've probably hatched around 30 eggs now, and people either cheat or have no life because I saw a level 34 within the first 3 weeks of release at a gym. That's just dumb. 

I still think the concept of the game is cool, but it doesn't do enough to keep me interested. Maybe if they add interesting new content I'll come back. 

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Lost all momentum with this a good 4-6 weeks ago but i'm guessing the Halloween update brought back a few causal gamers like myself? Think the double candy made it a little to easy but it was a nice touch to see Ghost/Halloween type pokemon more common. I went from having a Haunter to 4 Gengar's over the space of the last week haha! Although there's 1 or 2 I'd like to evolve, I think i'm just about done with this game.

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