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2 hours ago, heater said:

I’ve only ever driven through Philly, I don’t really have many of my own opinions on it…other than…. I really do want a cheesesteak, from the cheesesteak place. One of these days we’ll make time to explore the city & find the best one. I fully welcome recommendations, if y’all have them. 🤣

Angelo’s south street

oh brother on market


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On 2/10/2023 at 7:20 PM, Fap said:

Tech N9ne is in Arizona for the Super Bowl, I stand with my dawg, Go Chiefs!

0-E48226-C-5-BCA-47-D4-B137-BB14623-E439F1286-F93-059-A-4-B89-BC2-D-8-A892-F6-D0Yes, that’s a younger Diddy rocking an SRH hoodie lol 

I do love Tech N9ne the artist quite a bit overall (hate some of his stuff), but he probably thinks you were the valet parker with the way you're hanging your lanyard like that. Talk about a whiff lol.

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2 minutes ago, Chad Steven Henne said:

If Henne checks in I will full fledged root for them, but if not they deserve to be punished

Nevermind, they shot Mahomes up with a shit load of toradol lol 

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