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MISERY official track OUT NOW!


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1 hour ago, Aria said:



If that's not universally loved by all blink fans I don't know what they're gonna be able to put out to win the rest of you over at this point.

I dig this new track... I love how part of the instrumental has an "echoey" feel that makes it sounds like they are recording in the bathroom or shower. Also I love how they use the flowing water sample. Makes the song sound super-relaxing yet violent at the same time. 

Another good part of the track-the vocals. They sound just like Cynical and I dig it. ?

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17 hours ago, Patient #48273 said:

I understand new people breifly getting fooled by this, but someone who's been around as long as knapton should know right away that this thread is meant to be a joke. Of course, I wouldn't expect knapton specifically to figure it out that quickly.

Yea Aria has been doing this for basically every upcoming song release forever, people should know better by now if they get duped.

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So Misery is about to drop on Friday or Saturday?

What do you guys expect the song to sound like, besides the na na na's and gang vocals? Well seriously, is there any hope left that this song will be totally different than Parking Lot? I really, really hope for some darker stuff...

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