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Ultimate Blink182 joke song tournament: Round 1

ROUND 1: please select two each  

68 members have voted

  1. 1. 1 seed vs 6 seed: select two

    • Fuck A Dog (1)
    • Cant Get You More Pregnant (6)
    • Family Reunion (1)
    • Country Song (6)
  2. 2. 2 seed vs 5 seed select two

    • Happy Holidays, You Bastard (2)
    • Brohemian Rhapsody (5)
    • Blow Job (2)
    • I'm Gay (5)
  3. 3. 3 seed vs 4 seed Select two

    • When You Fucked Grandpa (3)
    • Depends (4)
    • Built This Pool (3)
    • Mother's Day (4)

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Songs about deep love, with a touch of humor.

Seedings loosely based off Spotify & Youtube hits


Qualifying songs:

Fuck a Dog (1)

Family Reunion (1)

Happy Holidays, You Bastard (2)

Blow Job Song (2)

When You Fucked Grandpa (3)

Built This Pool (3)

Mother's Day (4)

Depends (4)

I'm Gay, So What (5)

Brohemian Rhapsody (5)

The Country Song (6)

Can't Get You More Pregnant (6)

Ben Was Balls (*)

Transvestite (*)

Just About Done (*)

Family Next Door (*)


Will we see any upsets in Round 1?

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24 minutes ago, Chrisx37 said:

How does this work? Do we pick any 2 songs from each poll or pick between the high and low seeded ones that are next to each other?

Ideally high & low seed next to each other. They only allow 3 questions total so I had to do it that way.  It'll kind of add up the same though, just vote your favorites so they don't get eliminated.

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10 hours ago, Steven J Speedo esq. said:

Ben Wah Balls ... Transvestite ... Mark Improv ... I know A Guy ... Just About Done ... Family Next Door ... hell, I'd even add Degenerate.

Tried to exclude the ones that were songs that were funny, but not purely jokes. Otherwise you'd open the door to what's my age again, shut up, half of dude ranch.  That crosses out ben wah balls & degenerate imo.

I know a guy & Mark improv (?) seem like a stretch.

Just About done, family next door, & transvestite should be on it though. I'll find a way to squeeze it in next round.

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43 minutes ago, Patient #48273 said:

Ben Wah Balls is 100% a joke song. It should count. I'd include Degenerate too.

Can't really justify Degenerate without including stuff like WMAA and Shut Up, which doesn't work with comparing to jokes like Family Reunion.  Degenerate just seems like a good punk song with humorous lines.   But I need 4 to make it work so leaning towards Just About done, family next door, transvestite, and I guess ben wah balls.

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Wait I voted for Depends but I didn't realize Grandpa was part of the same poll noooooooooooooo my life true feelings have not accurately been portrayed.

Also I think I voted for Blow Job instead of Happy Holidays which was also a mistake.


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