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The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round one, Cheshire Cat)


Worst Blink Song Ever! (Round One - Cheshire Cat)  

74 members have voted

  1. 1. Worst Song From Cheshire Cat?

    • Carousel
    • M+Ms
    • Fentoozler
    • Touchdown Boy
    • Strings
    • Peggy Sue
    • Sometimes
    • Does My Breath Smell?
    • Cacophony
    • TV
    • Toast and Bananas
    • Wasting Time
    • Romeo and Rebecca

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@Scott. neighborhoods vs california game was fun, so I wanted to test something. 

Lets try and work out which is the worst blink-182 song of all time. to make it easier to quantify, I am automatically removing any purely joke songs (so in this round that gets rid of Ben Wah Balls, Depends and Just About Done) mostly because I think people would defer to those options if they're unsure, and I think it's a bit of a cop out. 

I will also make it easier by just doing it by official releases, so all the 'official' albums and the EP (I will not include MTATS because its obviously all the same stuff). 

By the time we get through all the records I imagine Deluxe would be out enough for us to all have an opinion.

After each poll I will pick the top 2 most voted, and then put them together for one giant loser competition, to combat one terrible song on a record just being caught short by another one. 


so lets get started! Cheshire Cat, vote for your worst!


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I've personally gone with Toast and Bananas - because I forget it exists. so far the ones getting voted for are all my favourites lol, cacophony, Strings, Sometimes, TV... man. TV might be the most relatable song Mark's ever written! haha

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can't believe TV is winning!... or losing, i guess. that was the first song i learned on guitar lol so i have a bit of a soft spot for it, but considering everyone has always made fun of Strings, i thought that that would surely be the one getting the majority of votes

oh well. my vote went for Romeo and Rebecca 

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24 minutes ago, MattSkibbasuxatguitar said:

Parking Lot.  Call me when we're there.

Although I'm ready to vote for Lost Without You,  This Is Home, Pretty little girl or Disaster, and half of California.

Think you're kind of missing the point...

2 hours ago, Scott. said:

Got to be 'Sometimes' who the fuck is voting for TV? I will find you and kill you 

Sometimes???? absolute aids decision. Top song. 

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