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Last Train Home Discussion Thread


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I strangely heard Serj Tankian for a second at the beginning..thought I had a different song running.

First song Matt n Mark n Travis all kill collectively probably..  Bored to Death maybe, but this is more interesting.


What is that synth thing at the 2 min mark? Is that seriously Feldy? That shit steals me.  Haven't listened to a Blink song on repeat like this since in what feels like  forever. Randomly When I Was Young on DED.  



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1 hour ago, Plus-182 said:

Did Feldmann leave Mark and Matt by themselves for this one? Cause dang, this is the best I've heard from them since DED.

no, apparently they wrote this at Feldmann's kitchen table over a conversation..


Doesn't change the fact, best song of this era.

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I changed my mind about Last Train Home, I was listening to this song before, while I was driving home, and it's growing on me. I really like when Mark comes in and says "the only time I feel alive is when I find something I would die for"

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