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The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round Three, Enema Of The State)


The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round Three, Enema Of The State)  

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  1. 1. Worst song from Enema?

    • Dumpweed
    • Don't Leave Me
    • Aliens Exist
    • Going Away To College
    • What's My Age Again?
    • Dysentary Gary
    • Adam's Song
    • All The Small Things
    • The Party Song
    • Mutt
    • Wendy Clear
    • Anthem
    • Man Overboard

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I'm going straight to Enema for now, may make the last round the other songs that don't fit (so the half of buddha that isnt on cheshire, and other notable but unfitting tracks). 

I've also added Man Overboard, because I'm not using the live album in this ranking (as its you know... live versions of the same songs) and it needs to go somewhere, Enema is the logical place... plus lets be honest, no one is voting Man Overboard.

So have at it. although personally I cannot think of a song I could negatively vote for apart from All The Small Things. Seriously, overplayed to death. 

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9 minutes ago, Capsov said:

Both Anthems are two of blink's worst songs. 

Id be surprised if Party Song takes it, a lot of diehards seem to like it. I bet Aliens Exist falls here. 

Funny Anthems were such a thing back then. Not just from Blink but every pop punk band. Aged like cottage cheese.

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Going Away to College for much of the same reason people don't like ATST or Anthem. Too much lockers, school, varsity references for me. Not a bad song, I don't skip it or anything. But kinda meh on a great album.

I still randomly get Anthem stuck in my head, completely unprovoked, for no reason. So though I'm 29 singing along to the lyrics "wish my friends were 21" I just can't vote for it. Too much sentimental value.

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fucking love anthem. when that chorus kicks in i get the chills every time....Also is a nice change of pace with the fast punk beat in the second verse which i think is not present enough on the whole record....

Absolutely masterpiece of a record so it's hard to choose but it was a choice between party song an wmaa and i went with the latter.

it's a cool little song but the chorus is the weakest of all the songs on this record for me...

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