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Tom DeLonge Red Strat (pre-Cheshire Cat)


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A few years ago while digging through more old blink stuff for pictures of Tom's white sticker strat, I came across this:



6898773433_af46e0eeb1_b.jpg  Here is the cropped image to the guitar if this helps

To my knowledge, this is the guitar that Tom's friends dug out of the trash to give to him for his birthday. It was used from 1992 on all of the early demos, including Buddha, until 1994 when he purchased the white sticker strat. Essentially what I'm looking for are what the stickers on this instrument are. The only ones I've been able to pick out are the 'Tracker Base Grip' (skateboard parts company) one on the side, the NOFX one on the front (Fat Wreck Chords has them available on their website, I used to have one) and the atm (skateboard company) stickers between the pickups (red) and on the body (blue), and the pre-182 blink sticker on the front. If I could have some help finding out what the other ones are it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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5 hours ago, Andrew182 said:

(couldn't upload them here)

from postimage, the URL you need to copy is "direct link." then you can use either the 'insert other media' button and choose 'insert image from URL.' you can also paste the link inline in your post, and the blog should render it.

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1 minute ago, Depf said:

doing god's work there my friend.

Maybe, just maybe,  some gear stuff would be great for the time line?


Happy to help! 

a gear timeline would be a completely different beast. Albeit it might be easier, but still its hard to fathom.

Got one more for you:


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1 minute ago, Mohammad Wall-E said:

Lol that’s a helluva chain waller Tom was rockin’. 

Lol when Davey posted a new sticker strat photo for me to check out in that thread, I noted 'one long ass chain wallet' at the end. 

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2 hours ago, Depf said:

Won't argue against that. Tbh i always found the CD sounds in general to be more on the marshall side.

Its the definately maybe that bums me out though.

@daveyjones it's your time to shine and find out what tom used on DR. Anyone can do it it's you

We need @Ry-Bread to get Mark Trombino on the podcast to settle the DR recording questions.

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