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Game of Thrones season 7

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The season premiere is tonight! Who's excited?

I had a weird thought when I watched the season 6 finale yesterday... I'm certainly not saying this will happen, but I can definitely picture a scenario where Cersei continues to be madder than the Mad King and Jaime ends up killing her.

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lol Ed Sheeran totally took me out of that scene. Terrible call.

Love Olenna calling big Joffers a cunt. 

"How do you answer to these charges........ Lord Baelish?" WWWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW LADS Likely RIP to the greatest love story of all, Tormund and the big woman.

I'm super excited!!!

I'm curious to see how Daenerys and Jon's relationship plays out (when they inevitably meet). Since Jon was revealed to be half Targaryen in all but name, that makes Dany his aunt, and since Targaryens often marry within their family, I wonder how that might develop (especially considering the title A Song of Ice and Fire).

I'm pumped to see battles involving the White Walkers, because the massacre at Hardhome was downright terrifying to watch and really well done.

I think that the contenders to kill Cersei are Jaime and Sansa--Jaime because the parallels with the Mad King make sense and Sansa because of the prophecy that Cersei heard when she was younger. I actually think that Dany is going to die by the end of the series, and that Tyrion will be the one to kill her and he'll be on the Iron Throne, buuut that's just wishful thinking on my part. :D 

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I really wanted to wait for them to be played and binge watch them..but with Facebook and twats at work I'm going to have to watch it straight away each week :( game of thrones is the only show you can't get away from bloody spoilers!

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Ive got the girls in bed, my vape mod (yes, I know it's douche but I've completely quit smoking with it) and an ice cold sarsparilla root beer. I'm starting it now.

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2 hours ago, Scott. said:

Ed fucking Sheeran? Don't get me wrong I love the ginger bastard but come on!! It cheapens the whole show. 

Good opener though. Arya ?

No worse than all the other celebrity cameos. 

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Outside of the opening scene, that episode was pretty mediocre.

Daenarys' scenes were pretty filler. Might have been more impactful if we didn't already see Stannis in the same spots in earlier seasons.

Enjoyed Sam and the Hound's scenes. Thought the discovery of Dragonglass on Dragonstone was kind of obvious...

The White Walker scene felt like it was there just to ensure that they got a scene in the episode, and it was pretty pointless outside of showing the Giants. I really hope they include the giant ice spiders soon. 

This episode definitely felt like more of a build-up. 

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