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Game of Thrones season 7

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lol Ed Sheeran totally took me out of that scene. Terrible call.

Love Olenna calling big Joffers a cunt. 

"How do you answer to these charges........ Lord Baelish?" WWWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW LADS Likely RIP to the greatest love story of all, Tormund and the big woman.

Whenever I see the White Walkers, I just get so stressed out by how hard it is to really destroy them. Literally every casualty from every battle fought with them, they now have amassed. The living dwindle down and the White Walkers grow exponentially. Their best fighters, their giants, everyone. Frustrates me to hell, that's the perfect crime.

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Euron's leap onto the boat was so cringe because of that yell and facial expression. And with all of the sparks flying around it was hard to see what was going on. Glad to see the Sand Snakes die. The show got them so wrong. :/

That transition from Jorah's ripped-off greyscale to the innards of Hot Pie's pie killed me.

I'm so excited that Arya is heading back home. Her scene with Nymeria was well done.

Watching Jon choke and threaten Littlefinger was so satisfying. I hate him more than any other character on the show.

Overall, decent episode. Daenerys demanding that Jon will bend the knee and Theon fleeing the scene with Euron and Yara were classic Daenerys and Theon moments, but those character moments don't bother me as much as they initially did. 

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Fck me that mixed race girls body was fucking banging. Would do disgusting things to her.

so how is this finishing? Am I right in thinking the last season has been cut into two half seasons?? So the show finished after season 8?

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I screamed at the preview for next week with Jon and Dany in the same room.

I also should have known that the plan Dany made with all the kingdoms was not gonna go through successfully, it was too good. Seeing them all in the same room was cool though. I guess Yara is the priceless gift for Cersei.

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