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I browsed around for a while on mobile and didn't get any pop-up ads, not sure where they would be coming from... Only ads we have are the google ones that sit on the page, and they can't have pop-ups.

Interested to hear if anyone else is seeing them?

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Really weird, I've spent a bit of time lately browsing through the forums on Chrome and Safari on my iPhone and haven't had a single popup appear. There certainly shouldn't be any pop up ads at all, the only ad provider we use is Google and they never use pop-ups. What devices/browsers are you folks using who are getting these ads? Would be interested to know if you are still getting them when you try an alternative browser.

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Thanks Speedo.

I really can't get anything like this to show up anywhere, I've gone through all the code and specifically the ads, nothing at all.

I've done some reading online specifically related to the popup you posted an example of, and all signs point to it being an app on Android that contains malicious code which hijacks your web browser and displays ads at random. Having said that, I'd expect it to occur on any website and not just this one. Are you seeing these ads pop up on other websites too?

I'd really love to say there's something I can do about this but unfortunately it really doesn't look like it has anything to do with the boards at all, everything here seems to check out 100%.

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Just now, Patient #48273 said:

It hasn't happened to me since yesterday. Not sure if this matters, but I was using unsecured wifi at a hospital while visiting a family member there. I'm going back there today, so I guess I'll see if it happens again.

I haven't gotten it either since I made this post. So, problem fixed, I guess?

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