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On 2/11/2021 at 10:00 AM, Ghent said:

What Speedo said in this instance wasn't a huge deal, just pointless and annoying. But that is what 75% of his posts are.

The PLG lover stuff needs to go away. No one wants to read that shit. It's obnoxious, gross, and has gotten really old. If anyone says something questionable, report it. Otherwise just stop.

This should be a thread where Ry-Bread can interact with new members in peace. Not everyone who posts on this message board has to be someone who hangs out here all day and posts in every section. It's ok to join up just to talk about nerdy blink topics. If you can't do that on a blink message board then what is the point of having one. Speedo doesn't even like blink, so he should be the last person sniping at collectors on a blink forum.

I've been filling Oliver in on the goings on around here and I came across this post again. I just wanted you to know, this hurt my feelings ... specifically the bolded parts.

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4 minutes ago, Champ182 said:

As much entertainment as he brought to the boards, this makes me think he's probably in a strong healthy place so good for him.

He's doing really well. That's sort of his concern with coming back, he feels like he wouldn't be able to keep himself from going to the same place mentally again.

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1 minute ago, Patient #48273 said:

What if we make a special Oliver section where he just tells us stories and chats with us, but no one is allowed to argue?

It kind of ruins the Oliver experience, but Oliver Lite is better than no Oliver.

It's all or nothing. You go full throttle or you don't get behind the wheel.

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